Reapercussions Fuzz Pedal Limited SET

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The Reapercussions One Knob Fuzz is our long awaited collaboration with Magic Pedals ( We've been a big fan of Magic's creations for quite some time. Being a part of developing this box of destruction was amazing in every way. The Reapercussions features a Silicon based Fuzz Circuit. Heavy, Heavy Low End Abrasive Terror!  Earthward Illustration (Insta @earthwardart) developed the full color graphics with custom Pantone Blue and Orange on the finished enclosure (1.5x4.75x3.5)

Much like our Reapercussion hot sauce, this pedal is designed to destroy!

This Limited Edition Set Includes a Reapercussions T-Shirt. (Include size in Comments) HBD Patch, Bottle of our NEW Rifflord Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce and a Limited HANDPAINTED  two ounce Jar of our Mind Shredding Reapercussion Hot Sauce (Each one is different so image is no indication of which you may get.) Jars painted by Insta @libberosis.